fruits and vegetables salad

raw vegan alkalin dish 


(4 people)

salade fruits

4 tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 banana
1 ripe mango
season berries
2 limes
chaat masala
either apples
a red beet

Deseed tomatoes and cucumber, peel and stone the mango, peel the banana.

Cut all in small cubes of 1,5 centimeter and mix in a salad bowl.

Add the lime juice and the chaat masala and have a rough time immediately.

Chaat masala: 2 tea spoon powder of mango ( amchur ); 1 tea spoon coriander powder, 1 tea spoon cumin powder, 2 tea spoon black pepper, ½ tea spoon salt, ½ tea spoon black salt, ¼ tea spoon of hing



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