Veggie Menus


Among public, a vegetarian meal is simply a meal without meat or fish; it is well known, vegetarians are eaters of vegetables. Certain restaurants propose vegetarian menus and it is fine, but often these menus are not well-balanced in vegetable proteins. For example pastas with cheese are a vegetarian menu, but there are neither leguminous nor vegetables. Last summer, a good restaurant in Luxembourg offered me, as vegetarian menu, a plate of green asparaguses in browned hollandaise sauce, it was delicious and vegetarian, but there were no proteins.


Certain vegan stores sell a vegan correspondent to almost all animal products, so we find some ham, fish, chicken tenderloins, beefsteaks, cutlets of turkey, substitutes of egg, some cheese and even foie gras in vegetable version. In this way, vegans can easily adapt their food to the life in society and it is a possible approach.


Veggiemeals wishes to offer you a different version of vegetarian food and open you the way towards a healthy nutrition. We invite you to consume food in its closest version of its natural state, and to avoid industrial food containing additive, coloring, flavor enhancers, and other chemicals which increase the acidity of the body.


menu veggieWhatever are the reasons which urge us to consume vegetarian or vegan menus, it is important to take into account the nutriments that are proteins, carbohydrates and lipids and the acid-basal balance as well. The vegetarianism should not be done blindly, to the detriment of our own health.


A veggie meal ideally consists of fresh vegetables for fibers, and vegetable proteins (leguminous, cereal and a few oleaginous plants). We invite you to choose vegetables of local or organic origin and to prepare them at home to offer energy and vitality to your body and your spirit. Do your choice in good conscience among raw food supplying enzymes and stewed food at low temperature, easier to digest.


Enjoy your meal and have a good health!


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