Cooking sessions


Veggiemeals organizes different vegetarian and vegan cooking sessions :



The traditional ayurvedic cooking sessions, (lacto-vegetarian, without eggs) offer a complete nutrition course and are constantly evolving. Various formulae exist, discovery day, organization of a private course (minimum 6 people) adaptable to your wishes, participation in the whole program. 


Raw vegan sessions, alive food, which has the advantage to contain all the enzymes (partially destroyed by cooking). It must not be confused with raw foodism (can contain raw animal proteins). It is a detoxifying and energetizing food. 



NEW: vegan cooking sessions without gluten, shall be offered to answer the increasing request of people allergic to lactose or gluten who wish to learn to prepare freshly healthy and nourishing meals. Details will be announced soon.



PROJECT: cooking courses for teenagers to answer the need of the teachers and the parents who wish to inform the children about the dangers of a food too rich in quick-burning sugars. This course will introduce them to the healthy nutrition and will offer them the possibility of learning to prepare light, well-balanced and energy meals for the body and the spirit.




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