Acid-basal balance


In our modern civilization, tendency to acidification is general. Malnutrition (bad quality of food and bad food habits), overeating, stress, negative thoughts, aggressiveness and excesses of all kinds favor acidification of the body. The hyperacidity is one of the main causes of most of metabolic diseases! After years of excess of acidity, the demineralization settles down, the degenerative osteoarthritis, the osteoporosis or tooth decays appear, disturb closely linked to the acidification of the body. An excess of acids always leads to demineralization!


The acid-basal balance treats the excessive acidity of the body. In the body, certain fluids are acid or alkaline, according to their role. Gastric juices, for example, are acid, that allows them to decompose food. The blood should be slightly alkaline, that means a pH of 7,4. The pH, (potential hydrogenates), is a unit of measure of the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution.



Among the most acid food we find red meat, eggs, pastas, pastries, white bread, walnuts, pistachio nuts, biscuits, sodas, beer, the liqueurs, trans fats, all the treated dairy products (old cheeses and UHT milk), sweetened UHT fruit juices, aspartame, chocolate. Poultry, fish, dried leguminous, white rice, oat, coffee, black tea, wine, ketchup, dressings, sugar, jam .... are averagely acid.


The alkaline food includes all fruits and vegetables (except cabbages), basmati rice and wild rice, quinoa, millet, amaranth, tofu, tempeh, green and yellow mung beans, unpasteurized milk of goat and its soft white cheese, yoghurt, whey, almonds, linseeds, olive oil, herb teas, green tea ...


And there is also neutral food, (neither acid nor alkaline), among which mushrooms, potatoes, plums, unpasteurized milk of cow and its cheese, clarified butter, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, spelt, oil of first cold pressure.


To keep the acid-basal balance, our food should contain many alkaline or neutral food and ideally not more than 25 % of acid food. For that purpose, it is recommended to consume big quantities of fruits and vegetables, to favor vegetable proteins as seeds and leguminous plants, cereal of whole grains (basmati rice, saracen, quinoa), and limit the consumption of red meat, dairy products, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks and refined or industrial food.

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