Stewed vegetables with tofu

alkaline dish rich in vegetable proteins


(4 people)

olive oil
1 tea spoon of mustard seeds
1 tea spoon of cumin seeds  
60 grams oleaginous plants (walnuts, almonds, pine nuts)
3 cloves of garlic
vegetables (fennel, French beans, beets, carrots)
100 grams of tofu
2 tea spoons spices (coriander and turmeric, curry)
possibly acid cream, yoghurt,
or soya or almond cream, for a vegan dish
sea salt, black pepper


Cut vegetables in small pieces and tofu in dices.

Warm oil and blow up the seeds of cumin and mustard.

When seeds jump, put oleaginous plants and let them roast slightly.

Add the finely chopped garlic and to let it tan.

Add vegetables and spices dipped into a little water.

Add if necessary a little water according to the chosen vegetables.

Cook 10 minutes over a low heat. Incorporate the dices of tofu.

If you like a creamy dish, add the cream (or yoghurt) and let simmer a little.

Add pepper and sea salt.

Let rest 5 minutes before serving with rice or other whole grains cereal.



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