To answer the increasing request of healthier meals, communities and restaurants, from the fast food to the star restaurant, begin to propose vegetarian or vegan dishes. We hope to have you among our partners.

You are a restaurant owner, you offer or wish to offer veggie dishes, register here by joining your card of menus. We shall insert your banner on our site and you will receive the sticker to be affixed on your shop window (25€). Your participation will only serve to finance and promote the project (on-line publishing and referencing of the website, stickers, conferences, meetings, mails...) Veggiemeals has no lucrative purpose.

You are a community (day-nursery, school, home, hospital) offering vegetarian dishes among the proposed meals, we also invite you to appear among our partners by completing the frame below.


You are private individual and you wish to include veggie meals in your life, you are welcome here to ask your questions. We thank you for sharing this project around you.




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