Green mung dal soup

alkaline dish rich in vegetable proteins


(4 people)


100 gr green mung beans
½ liter water, 1 tea sp turmeric
1 tea sp coriander 1 tea sp cumin
1 lemon juice

Tarka : ghee, 1 pinch of asa foetida
1 tea sp black mustard seeds
1 tea sp green cumin seeds
1 tea sp grated ginger
2 to 3 garlic cloves, curry leaves
or fresh coriander

Wash mung beans and soak them for a night.

Rinse and drain them. Put them in a pan and add water and spices.

Cook for 30 minutes over a low heat.

For tarka, warm ghee, add asafoetida.

When it changes color blow up seeds of black mustard and green cumin, add the ginger and the sliced thinly garlic.

Add tarka and lemon juice to the soup.

According to taste add fresh coriander or curry leaves.

Add sea salt and black pepper. Let simmer 2 minutes and serve.


Mung beans are very easily digestible, the skin contains a lot of minerals and have a purifying action on digestive system and in particular intestines. They are a part of panchakarma or soft purification treatment.

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