Chestnut velouté with fennel

alcalin dish rich in vegetable proteins vegan


(4 people)

velouté de châtaignes


1 table spoon oil or ghee

1 tea spoon basil seeds

1 tea spoon dill seeds

3 garlic cloves

1 chopped onion 

2 or 3 fennels

Warm water

200 gr cooked chestnut

1 or 2 tea spoons of indian curry

vegetable cream

black salt and

evt little pepper

fresh herbs : parsley, basil, chive…





Wash fennel and cut them in dice.
Warm the oil and blow up the seeds of basil there.
When seeds jump add the garlic and let it grow pink slightly.
Add the onion and cook it until it becomes transparent.
Add fennel and make them brown approximately 3 minutes.
Cover the mixture with some water and let cook a few minutes.
Cut sweet chestnuts in 2 or 4 and incorporate them into the fennel with the Indian curry.
Add vegetable cream (almond or oat)
Cook another 3 minutes, add the black salt and the pepper if so wished.
Mix the soup and decorate with fresh herbs.



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